iTeen 大本營 - Hong Kong ICAC

English Introduction

The "iTeen Camp" ( is a thematic website produced by the ICAC to promote integrity and positive values among children, youngsters and young parents. 

Users may find the following contents and features on iTeen Camp website:

🎮Games (遊戲)🕹️

This section has a lot of eGames which educate users with positive values and anti-corruption messages.

🔎Crime Scene Investigations (破案王)🕵️

Youngsters can learn more about STEAM content and the concept of law from the scenario-based corruption cases.

📚Comics (漫畫)🔖

ICAC's major cases are presented in comic strips format. Users can further understand the work of the ICAC.

🥳Anime (動畫)📺

An array of animations, including students' works, are displayed to deliver educational messages with fun.  

📹Movie (影片)🎞️

Various movies and videos such as integrity micro films and videos produced by youngsters are made available.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Parenting Zone (親子站)💖

This section provides parenting resources and tips for young parents. 

🧐Interesting Facts (冷知識)⚙️

This section introduces the work of the ICAC and anti-corruption related knowledge in a lively and interesting manner.

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